Accidental Subscription To Wrong Site

September 18, 2014 Comments off


If you’ve just been subscribed to this site… it’s the wrong one! Our current site is at I’m resubscribing everyone there now, so if you’re confused why you’re suddenly subscribed to two sites, feel free to unsubscribe from this one.

Sorry for the confusion,

Brook Jensen

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New Website

January 8, 2012 Comments off

Hi all,

We’ve moved our website from to the CS Club’s servers and registered a couple more URL’s. Please proceed to That’s where we’ll be posting our updates from now on.

Happy new year!

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End of Term Social

December 3, 2011 Comments off

All our events are done with, so to end with we’re having a little end of term social thing. We’ll all get together, hang out, play some games. That sort of thing.

This is going to happen Tuesday December 6, 2011 starting around 5:00pm in MC2054. It’ll just keep going until people get tired of hanging around and decide to leave (so, no worries if you plan on showing up late).

We’ll play whatever people want, so bring something along. Board games are good, cause they’re extra social (we might borrow some from MathSoc). Also, this being the game developement club, it would be even better to play some member made games. So, bring along any games you’ve created. We might play some of the games from the Paper Jam earlier this term. Also, if you just want to show off any games you’ve been working on, you can do that too. We should have projector access. We’ll also have a bunch of game pads, so we might get something split screen going on the projector (maybe 0space or something).

Nothing left to say,
Jonathan Semple

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Glorious Discussions Concerning Interactive Entertainment: Recapitulation, etc.

November 30, 2011 Comments off

We have finished yet another term of the GDCIE. I hope that those of you who found time to attend some of the discussions enjoyed them. The games that we talked about this term were:

Read more…

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2011’s Final Dev Night

November 29, 2011 Comments off

Hello again, kind readers. Have exams got you down? Wish you could get together with like-minded game developers once again this term before all of your assignments and projects come crashing down upon you on Monday?

Fear not, our final Dev Night is here and is eager to help you forget about those pesky assignments for one whole evening! Sit down and get some work done on your latest game, have an intruiging chat about design, or even just work away on your last bits of class work. Whatever the case, you ought to come on over to MC 2054 this Friday, December 2nd anywhere between 7pm – 10pm.

As usual, you are free to show up whenever you’d like and work on whatever projects you’d like. See you there!

//  Stephen

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Reminder: GDCIE Shadow Hunters

November 28, 2011 Comments off

See? I didn’t lie this time. No room change. The ultimate (as in final) GDCIE of the term will be tomorrow, Tuesday November 29, 2011 at 6:00pm in MC4058. We will be discussing:

Shadow Hunters, by Yasutaka Ikeda

Again, this will be one of those things where we play the game at the discussion. I usually figure something fun and multiplayer is a good way to end the GDCIE for the term.

Nothing left to say,
Jonathan Semple

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Indie Music Bundle

November 26, 2011 Comments off

Hey all,

For anyone who is interested, there is a pay-what-you-want (>= $1) indie music bundle of 10 albums available for another couple of days at Check it out!

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