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Time Management: Make Time to Achieve Your Dreams!

March 19, 2011

“I don’t have time…”

Sounds familiar? Many aspiring game developers struggle to find a balance between time devoted to school and time devoted to developing their skills. Since school is both an external and internal responsibility – and one that people pay for – it usually comes first, followed by time to unwind and socialize. Developing the skills and experience to follow the dream of being a game develops shifted aside and the “I Don’t Have Time” tank rolls out to blow away any guilt or doubts about where one is headed. In most cases, however, the “I Don’t Have Time” tank is fake!* Everyone has the same amount of time, and the main reason some people accomplish more than others is because they have the skill and discipline to make better use of it.

Discipline is something you develop on your own, but skills can be learned. To that end, me (Roman) and Stephen – two of the UWGDC execs – are giving a presentation on time management. We are not masters of productivity but through study and practice we have developed some useful ways to improve how we manage our time. Come out to MC 4059 on Thursday, March 31st at 6:30PM and we will share some practical tips on managing time between school and work and staying motivated to accomplish your goals. Game development experience is essential to obtaining a job in the industry, and making time for it in your school life will be tremendously helpful in you future.

Hope to see you there!


*(If you want to expand on the analogy, think of one side in a war deploying fake equipment – including blow-up “tanks” – to throw off scouting. Most of the time the “I Don’t Have Time” tank is a blow-up “tank” that just throws you off and prevents you from doing what would be best for achieving your goals. And unlike in war, you being thrown off in your personal life is almost never a good thing!)

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  1. Dheebika
    March 19, 2011 at 12:50 PM

    what you have said is correct, only lazy people will say, i dont have time

  2. Brook Jensen
    March 24, 2011 at 12:48 PM

    I’m thinking of coming but I might not have enough time.

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