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Glorious Discussions Concerning Interactive Entertainment: Galatea

May 19, 2011

Our first discussion of the term is done. But there’s plenty of time left in the term for more. The next GDCIE will be Thusday March May 26, 2011 at 6:00pm in MC4059. We will be discussing:

Galatea, by Emily Short

It’s at the bottom of the above page. Or just download it directly from this link. You’ll need to run that file through an interpreter, such as Gargoyle or Spatterlight.

Galatea is a bit different than our usual. It’s a short piece of interactive fiction, which means some people may yell at me if I call it a game (I will anyways).

Sometime this term we plan on holding some sort of game jam. We’re thinking of making it an interactive fiction jam (IF jam). The idea is it would hopefully focus mostly on story/writing, similar to how last terms paper jam focused mostly on pure game design. While you’re playing Galatea, even though it is not representative of all interactive fiction games, think about whether you’d be interested in making some interactive fiction and whether or not you want the IF jam to happen.

On a more general note, if you don’t want the GDCIE to happen on Thursdays at 6:00pm, yell at us now before we actually book a room for the rest of the term.

Nothing left to say,
Jonathan Semple

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    Date edited, because it I can’t tell March and May apart, apparently.

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