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IF Jam results + This week’s event!

June 16, 2011

IF Jam Round-Up

Greetings! Stephen here, from somewhere deep in the uncharted bowels of the MC building. This may very well be my first post here, but I assure I have been lurking for a goodly long while.

With last weekend Interactive Fiction Jam having come and gone, I can very happily say that all members in attendance had an absolute BLAST and no fewer than three solid games saw serious headway made. None of us had ever used Inform 7 before, and were absolutely blown away by the expressiveness and power of the language and platform. I heartily recommend spending a bit of time experimenting with it if you have not already. The three authors of these in-progress works are still feeling pretty shy about their games, and so none of them have elected to put them up for public consumption just yet. I can, however, share a tiny snippet from my own interactive fiction:


There. Pretty fantastic isn’t it? I kid you not, it is as easy as writing “End the game in death” whenever that hapless player wanders into a pit of hungry vipers or otherwise.

Game-Related Discussion (GRD)

With the usual weekly GDCIE (Game Discussions Concerning Interactive Entertainment) hogging most of the club’s acronyms, it seemed high-time for myself and Sherban to saddle-up and run an acronym-laden event of our own: the fabled Game Related Discussion (GRD).

The purpose of this event is simple: for the next two weeks, let’s all get together, choose a prevalent issue or topic in today’s game industry, and get a good solid discussion rolling.

This week we have chosen a video from Extra Credits (a fantastic site in its own right): “The Myth of the Gun“. If you have five minutes: go, watch it. It’s short, the animations are highly entertaining, and the content is very thought-provoking. Watching it ahead of time is not a prerequisite for attending the event (we’ll play it again anyways), but is highly recommended in order to get some good opinions stewing in that head of yours.

This week’s GRD will occur this Friday June 17th at 6:00pm. We will be assembing for the discussion in MC 2017. Note that this week we will be meeting on Friday, not Thursday.

Thanks for reading folks — see you all soon!

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  1. June 20, 2011 at 7:12 AM

    Hey, if you want an idea for the next Extra Credits video, I recommend “Learning from Other M.” I could lead to a lot of interesting discussion of female game protagonists, even the new Tomb Raider reboot by Square Enix.

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