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Executive Council Meeting Tomorrow

July 15, 2011

On Saturday July 16th the UW-GDC Executive Council will be meeting at 1:00pm in the SLC lounge area (on the couches in front of turnkey). Why am I telling you this? Because we want to open this meeting to those persons who wish to become Executive Council members. Reasons to get on the Council:

  • Saying you are a Council Member is badass
  • You can help plan and run events
  • Good resume booster
  • Have I said that we call it a Council?!
  • And many more…

We’ll also be discussing interesing things like updates to the website and events to finish off the term.

So join us, if you want to join us.


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  1. Jun
    July 15, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    Err can we reschedule this to… any other day but this Saturday?

    ie. Sunday?

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