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UW-GDC Community Jam!

July 17, 2011

The UW Game Development Club is proud to present the first ever Community Jam! We’re getting together next weekend and all, as a club, building one game together, based on a central theme. We think this is the term to host this type of event, since there are only a few of us here and it won’t be super crazy to organize.

How will we pick the theme? What role can I fill? When will this thing start?! That’s part of what we’ll be discussing at this week’s GDCIE (tomorrow at 6:00pm in MC4059) to hopefully schedule it so that everyone can come.

If you can’t attend the GDCIE tomorrow but are still interested in this Community Jam, leave a comment telling us your thoughts about this whole business. But please do try to attend the meeting tomorrow, since compromises are much better achieved in person.


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