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End of Term Social

July 25, 2011

Greetings, loyal game development members and enthusiasts. This Monday evening saw a lovely deathmatch of the week’s GDCIE’s game, 0space. There were thrills, spills, and, well, kills. ‘Twas quite a hoot. Missed out on the festivities? That’s all right, because coming up is the End of Term Social event!

In fact, we are just so darn excited about this upcoming event that we simply couldn’t bear to wait another day. The event will be held tomorrow, Tuesday July 26, 2011 at 6:00pm at the MC Comfy Lounge. Why so soon? Exams draw closer and closer, and we’d really like to nab as many fellow developers as possible before they are upon us. That, and those in attendance tonight all only had a free evening tomorrow. So spoketh the people!

What is the plan, you ask? For the most part we intend on gathering together in the MC Comfy Lounge en masse, and then basically go from there. We figure we’ll either all go out for food or order in pizza (depending on numbers), followed by game discussions, some more 0space multiplayer (bring your game pads!), and whatever else the collective wants to do. We have a penchant for jolly good ‘ol end-of-term socials, so don’t miss out!

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