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XMG Appathon This Weekend

September 28, 2011

Hey all,

As Brook said in the post just below, we’re having a Beginning Game Programming tutorial/workshop this Saturday for those who have little/no game development experience. Come by to learn about game programming or to help those who’re getting started!

However, for those of you who have some game development experience, XMG Games is running a 48-hour appathon this coming weekend. Check out http://greatcanadianappathon.com/ for details – it starts Friday at 5pm (though you can come a little later) and ends Sunday at 5pm. There’s a location at Waterloo and members of the club currently have two teams going:

1UP – for making a game on the iPhone

Consortium Hippopotamus – for making a game on the Android

Join us for a weekend of development, or make your own team and let us know about it at uw.gamedevclubATgmail.com. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!


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