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Glorious Discussions Concerning Interactive Entertainment: Canabalt and others

October 11, 2011

Well, look at that. It turns out I didn’t lie when I said we’d  be playing something fun this week for the GDCIE. I must admit I am surprised. The next discussion will be Tuesday October 18, 2011 at 6:00pm in MC2054. We will be discussing:

Canabalt, by Adam Atomic and Danny B (August 2009)

Robot Unicorn Attack, by Spritonin Media Games (February 2010)

Chase Goose 2, by Andreas Jorgensen and Jacob Zinman-Jeanes (October 2010)

Stalwart, by Jonathan Whiting (2011)

Yes, you counted correctly. That’s four(ish) games there. Just a few minutes each should be sufficient to get a taste of the game, but you might find yourself wanting a bit more than that. You also might notice that there are some similarities between the games. Or you might, I don’t know, think I’m proper mental for suggesting that there is.

Nothing left to say,
Jonathan Semple

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