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The Great 48-Hour Game Jam!

October 13, 2011

Hi all,

We’ve mentioned it in meetings and events, and we’ve had a small notice up on the website for a while, but an “official” announcement is far past due, so here it goes:

We’re running a 48-hour Game Jam this weekend! It will begin at 7:00PM on Friday and will end at 7:00PM on Sunday. In those 48 hours you and your team (sizeof(team) >= 1) will make a game! We will be providing a theme upon commencement of the jam to help you get your creative juices flowing, but if you have a particular game idea in mind (or a game project on the way) you can definitely work on that as well. We’d like to emphasize that this is a Game Jam, not a Game Competition, so don’t get hung up on anxieties regarding winning or losing — taking part in the Jam is winning. =)

We will be holding the Jam in MC 3004. Our feeble attempts to book a lab have been met with slightly more resilient bureaucracy than usual, so our apologies for the delay in bringing this information forward. This is a Mac lab, so for those of you without laptops, we should be able to get the machines rigged up to do some game development. (Note that you will need a working UNIX login though.)

So, all of that information one more time: we will be starting the Game Jam at 7PM in MC 3004 on Friday October 14th. You may wish to arrive a little bit early for socializing, claiming your favourite chair, etc. See you there!

(“Rules”: We have received a number of queries regarding the rules of the Jam, such as what languages/tools are allowed, and how much previous code one can re-use for the event. Our answer: please try to not worry too much about it. The Jam is about having a good time and creating something that you’re proud of. If you bring in a pre-canned game and try to pass it off as your 48-hours’ worth of work, you’re only cheating yourself. As for programming languages and tools, everything is fair game.)

(“Prizes”: Okay, we lied about there being no prizes. There are several super-secret prizes. All submitted entries will also receive eternal glory by being hosted in our coming-soon Showcase section of the website. Exciting!)

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