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Advanced Beginner Game Programming Tutorial

November 3, 2011

For those confused from by the title, don’t be!
Because of the interest in our Beginner Game Programming Tutorial, I’ve decided to host another one. This tutorial will branch off from the first, continuing where we left off. We’ll probably cover some basic Object Oriented Framework in python, and take a look at how this can be used for game development. Naturally, it’ll be slightly driven by you people – so any questions or cool things you want to learn – bring them up! We’ll do our best to help everyone 🙂

We’ve booked MC4042 from 1pm to 6pm this coming Saturday (Nov 5th). We’ll meet in that room, and decide where to go from there. Since using the Mac computers last time proved troublesome – I recommend bringing your own laptop for development (you can bring a desktop I guess if you desire, I won’t stop you).

See you all there!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Scientist,
Brook Jensen

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