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Paper Jam: Murder and Love

November 18, 2011

It’s finally time. Paper Jam begins now. Do you all want to know the theme?

Theme: Murder

Subtheme: Love

There you have it. We have ML216 booked for pretty much the whole day tomorrow (10am to 10pm). We’ll meet up there in the morning and jam for the rest of the day. The Paper Jam will end at approximately 9:00pm on Saturday November 19, 2011.

Note that this is technically meant to be a 24 hour jam. So start now. If everyone gets some rough rules drafts down tonight, you’ll be ready to start play-testing your game, and other people’s games, as soon as you get to the jam tomorrow. If you want people to brainstorm with, bounce ideas off of, or whatever, hop on the irc channel (see the about page). I’ll try to stay on irc for at least the rest of today, so even if there’s no one else on I should be there.

The club does have some materials for pen and paper game making. We have some 6 sided dice around, and I have some 10 sided dice I can bring. I’ll also bring some paper and stuff (maybe a deck of playing cards if I can get my hands on one). However, if you have any dice or other things you think might be useful, don’t hesitate to bring them. And remember, that even if other people might bring materials you can use for your game, the only way to ensure you have what you need is to bring it yourself.

Nothing left to say,
Jonathan Semple

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